תוכנית הכנס 
 Program at a glance 
 Community in Action: visits and activities based on Tikkun Olam 
 Kabbalat Shabbat  
Friday, May 15, 12:30 - 16:00

Tikkun Olam [repairing the world] has been a core value of Reform Judaism throughout its history.

Our responsibility for social action and social justice and our desire to heal the world continue to lead us forward into the future.


On Friday afternoon, Connections 2015 will give you the opportunity for a few hours not only to hear and learn about Tikkun Olam, but to actually engage in hands on Tikkun Olam projects, run by ....  Get prepared to be inspired by your WUPJ family in Rio! 


In addition to these activities we will be offering a number of field visits that will allow us to experience and get involved, exploring various topics and issues in depth. 

Ganei Haim - The IMPJ preschool at Beit Shmuel


Visit the IMPJ pre-school class, located in the Beit Shmuel–Mercaz Shimshon campus. The preschool opened a class for children of refugees and helps support the integration of these children into Israeli society. Take part in a hands-on activity with the children and hear from kindergarten staff and Kol Haneshama volunteers about the difficulties facing refugees and asylum seekers, the challenges in working with this population and how to integrate them into our own society. Experience how they are "Being the Difference" where very few dared to. 


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